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Top Best Value Education

Top Best Value Education Educating teachers is one of the most historically significant jobs of the American higher educationsystem. Many colleges and universities

Top Best Value Education

Learning Space

The learning environment assumes unique significance at Ajmer Arena. Much thought has gone into the planning and development of the learning spaces keeping in view the needs and conveniences of the students.


A few guiding principles have been concretized:

• Facilitate state-of-the-art multimedia-based training

• Support modern-day instructional technologies and teaching methods

• Allow easy and efficient interaction between student and learning environment

• Promote creativity and enhance the learning experience

• Lend itself to change with evolving training needs

Modern design ideas, architectural values and aesthetics have been put in place; ergonomic criteria adhered to a T; major investments committed. The result has been an awe-inspiring learning environment. Making it the largest Arena Animation Centre in the world.

Needless to say, student interaction with the learning environment has touched a whole new level at Ajmer Arena.


Shaping Winning Careers –

Proficient. Passionate. Persevering. Ajmer Arena faculty are best-in-class academicians enriched with a wealth of Production experience. A majority are Certified Instructors with some also holding multiple certifications.


Instructional Values

Whole-brain learning is essential to grasp the creative and logical nuances of the composite art-science that is Animation. Ajmer Arena takes into cognition, the multiple intelligences of students and their inherent learning styles and adapts the curriculum and instruction methods to catalyze their knowledge and skills.

Instruction is primarily learner-centered at Ajmer Arena. Every effort is directed at imparting Animation Education in ways that it harmonizes with the individual’s field of view. Bringing into focus, the innate knowledge, perceptions and beliefs of each pupil. Making sense to each pupil in the context of his/her frame of reference.

With the faculty playing facilitators, learning transforms into an active and engrossing pursuit for Ajmer Arena students. A see-hear-do approach delivers a deeper understanding, easier recall and better application of the newly acquired knowledge.



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