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30.Nov, 2017 Comments Off on VFX Film Making

VFX Film Making


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Indian VFX Industry grew from INR 2,320 Crore in 2016 to reach INR 3,130 Crore in 2017. The Industry is expected to grow nearly double to INR 6,350 Crore by 2020. From VFX design & pre-viz to the creation of a digital photo-realistic fantasy world as per the vision of a Film director, Visual effects has become an essential part of today’s filmmaking process. The Study of Visual effects is a balance of both art and technology. You learn the art of VFX Design as well as the latest VFX techniques using the state-of-the-art 3D &VFX soft wares used in the industry.

Top Studios working on Global VFX Film Projects

Technicolor India
Trace VFX
Prime Focus World
Double Negative
Legend 3D
Digital Domain


India Becoming a Powerhouse in Global VFX Share market
India has evolved in terms of skillset which has helped local & domestic studios work for Global VFX projects. The VFX Industry is expected to hire about 2,500-3,000 personnel in the coming year.

Visual Effects in Hollywood Films
Top International Studios like MPC, Double Negative & Frame store who have studios & partners in India have worked on the VFX of Top Hollywood Blockbuster Films Blade Runner 2049, The Fast & the Furious 8, Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead men Tell No Tales, The Jungle Book and many more.

Visual Effects in Bollywood Films
BAHUBALI 2 – The Game Changer for Bollywood VFX
Post the Box office success of Blockbuster Bahubali 2, there is a spike in VFX Budgets in Bollywood as well as Regional films. Bahubali 2, used 33 Animation studios for VFX Post Production, working over a span of 15 months.

Upcoming Tamil-language Sci-Fi Thriller “2.0” featuring Rajnikanth & Akshay Kumar is reportedly one of the most expensive films in the history of Indian Cinema and the 1000 VFX Shots of the film is being done at 10 different VFX Companies.

About Courses

The Visual Effects Film-Making program imparts you with the skills needed to be successful in the VFX industry and enables you to contribute to the entire process of storytelling in Films.

This Program gives you the complete workflow knowledge of the VFX Pipeline in Films from conception through to completion.

The Program modules covers understanding of the VFX Design Process, Cinematography techniques, VFX Fundamentals, VFX Film Making pipeline from pre to post production.

VFX Design & Visualisation 

History of Visual Effects in Films  
Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
Concepts of Cinematography & Photography 
Lights, Colour & Perspectives
Digital PaintingAdobe Photoshop Extended CC / Pixlr
Anatomy Study
Character Design
Visual Scripting with Film Language
Audio – Video EditingAdobe Audition CC / Audacity
Adobe Premier Pro CC / VSDC Video Editor/OpenShot
Storyboarding and AnimaticsAdobe Premier Pro CC
Application of 2D Animation PrinciplesAdobe Animate CC
Project PortfolioProject

3D Design & VFX Basics

Fundamentals of VFX and 3D basics
Digital modeling with MayaMAYA unlimited / blender
Digital sculptingZ brush 4R8
Texturing 3D models with MayaMAYA unlimited / blender
Lighting models with MayaMAYA unlimited / blender
Rigging 3D models with MayaMAYA unlimited / blender
3D Character Animation & RotomationMAYA unlimited / blender
Particle & dynamicsMAYA unlimited / blender
FX & simulationMAYA unlimited / blender
Matchmoving and Camera TrackingMAYA unlimited / blender
Crowd simulationGolaem crowd
Working with Arnold rendererArnold renderer for Maya
Layer-based compositingAdobe after effects professional CC / Natron
3D design portfolioProject

Visual Effects for Films


VFX film making – Pre to Post Production
Pre-visualization & VFX video shootMaya & Adobe premiere
Introduction to NukeNuke
Rotoscopy using SilhoutteSilhouette
Roto and RotopaintNuke
Wire removalNuke / Natron
Colour correctionNuke / Natron
Green/ blue screenNuke / Natron
Matchmoving techniquesNuke X/ mocha / 3D equalizer
Matte paintingNuke & Photoshop
Time remapping & bounding boxesNuke
Channel & multi passesNuke
Advanced compositing toolsNuke
FX with HoudiniHoudini
Z-depth & Multipass compositingNuke
Specialization & digital portfolio development (choose 1 elective)Project

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