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Mobile Game Design


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Mobile Game Design ensures comprehensive training in all aspects of Gaming, on platforms including Android, iOS, etc. Students are trained with an industry-relevant curriculum, facilitating better learning and better chances of landing a dream job. The incredible growth of the Gaming industry has also led to an equally rising demand for skilled professionals. However, the demand continues to outnumber the individuals available with the right skills.

Are you addicted to Angry Birds, Farmville, Temple Run, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Max Payne & other similar games? You too can create your own games! Arena Game Developers

Developers create, design, develop and produce video games and manage teams that create the different elements of game production for new-age gadgets like PlayStations, smart phones and tablets.

A gaming artist brings his characters to life, making them play, fight battles, vanquish enemies and do whatever he wishes.

Get the right skills to make a career in online, PC & mobile gaming industry with Arena Animation’s Game Art & Design (GAD) program.

Course Highlights

  • Learn all aspects of game development from visual storytelling to modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging& animation, to audio, user interface & game level design.
  • Get hands-on practice with latest industry software & develop your own game project.
  • Work with popular industry Software/tools such as widely used Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Motionbuilder, Flash, Soundforge & Gamebryo game engine

After completing this course, you can join the international gaming industry. With thousands of mobile phones, tablets & computers available in the market, millions of people are addicted to playing games. Gaming companies cater to this audience by creating & releasing exciting games frequently. There is huge demand for trained & talented gaming artists in these companies. Also, with this training, you have the option of making a career in digital media in the film, TV, advertising & multimedia industries.


The first module lays the foundation for learning the basics of design & development of games. Students will learn about the history, various types, game terminologies & technologies, and hardware used in the industry.

Sub- Modules

Introduction to Games 24
Introduction to Photoshop & Flash 40
Game Analysis: Centipede 4
Drawing & Composition 32
Total hours 100
Total months 2.5

Learning Outcomes 
Develop conceptual knowledge of game designing. Developing a drawing portfolio for life drawing, gesture drawing, environmental drawing, still life study, perspective & composition, etc. along with series of digitally designed images using 2D manipulation software.

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