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30.Nov, 2017 Comments Off on Digital Marketing Professional

Digital Marketing Professional


Employment Driven Education Get TRAINED » Get HIREDEmployment Driven Education




A cost effective and a valuable marketing technique The digital marketing landscape is growing rapidly due to which marketers are made to face new challenges and opportunities. The Digital Marketing Course is designed to educate students and professors in the area of Digital Marketing.

Digital Advertising led the overall Ad industry growth Advertisers have shifted their spends to the digital medium, which led to digital advertising now contributing 17% of Total advertising in 2017. The share of Digital Advertising is expected to grow to 22% by 2020. This growth will make Digital the 3rd largest segment of the Indian M&E sector by 2020, overtaking Filmed Entertainment The Digital segment is witnessing multiple investment themes with increase in internet penetration. As a result, there is higher content consumption on digital platforms, with increasing focus on localized content, increasing Ad spends in digital media and increasing consumption of ticketing services online.

Predictions are:

1. Augmented Reality Gets Real: Proliferation of good mobile tech: check. Vastly improved AR platforms: check. Mass-user penetration of said platforms: check. Brands? Well, a recent report cited that the Facebook charm- offensive has kicked off in earnest on the brand front.
2. The End of Typing: In virtually every form of technology, user interfaces are evolving away from fingers and thumbs and towards less tactile forms of interaction like voice and images. Users will increasingly engage with technology in more natural and instinctive ways.
3. The Tragedy of the Commons in Influencer Marketing: In 2018, influencer marketing will continue to grow, but we are concerned that cracks will begin to show, especially at the high-end where digital influencers straddle the line between influencer and celebrity.
4. The Amazon Awakening: Amazon is the most important emerging platform for digital advertising, and might soon rival Google and Facebook.
5. Seriously Serious: Digital marketing has grown up. So has the Web as a whole. Both the grown up practice and the grown up medium are facing serious challenges which will and must be addressed in 2018.
It’s a program that would give a 360 degree knowledge about how the digital medium can be used for marketing using tools; Web Analytics, Web AdWords, Mobile marketing, and YouTube Marketing.
Students would be taught the basics of digital marketing along with the importance of Search Engine Optimization, how to effectively run ads on Search Engines so that the brand ops in one of the top results, etc. They will also be taught techniques to optimize display ad campaigns, make business decisions from the metrics available in digital media and all the marketing techniques used to promote ads on one of the most widely used medium – social media!


USP’s and Salient Features:
– A comprehensive Job Oriented program
– Industry relevant curriculum
– Industry Simulated Hands-on Training using latest tools
and techniques
– Laddered learning from basic to advance level
– Projects at regular intervals
– Practical application using latest versions of tools / software
– Specialization & Creating Portfolio in the area of interest
– Exposure to Industry interaction & workshops
– Certified Faculty
– Placement Assistance
– Online Varsity: Exclusive e-learning platform
– EDE (Employment Driven Education)
– Creosouls : Exclusive online platform to showcase
student’s portfolio

• Demonstrate the understanding of Digital marketing and media concepts
• Effectively run advertisements on Search Engines
• Get website listed for top search engine results
• Implement best practices for creating, measuring, and optimizing display ad campaigns
• Effectively build your users lists, deliver e-mails & generate relevant clicks
• Understand mobile marketing measurement and analytics
• Make business decisions from the metrics available in Digital Media

Marketing Basics
Internet Advertising with Search Network
Search Optimization Techniques 
Creative Display Ad Solutions 
Marketing using Email
Mobile Marketing in Practice 
Introduction to Analytics 
Digital Marketing Portfolio


• Build brand, generate leads & aggregate audience on Social Media.
• Optimize usage of Social Media for marketing
• Execute digital marketing using tools; Web Analytics, Web AdWords, Mobile marketing, and  YouTube Marketing.
• Implement affiliate marketing using various ways
• Attract & convert customers by earning their trust through various techniques such as content
• Generate qualified leads for business
• Implement SEO for an e-commerce website

Powerful Internet Advertising with Search Network 
Understanding Social Media Marketing
Optimizing Social Media Marketing 
Content Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Marketing using Email 
Lead Nurturing for Digital Marketing
Legal Ecommerce
Using Web Technology for Digital Marketing
Analytics for Marketing
Advanced Digital Marketing Portfolio

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