VFX Compositing

Months: 6

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VFX Software

VFX Software offers cutting-edge toolkits covering node-based compositing, editorial and finishing.

VFX Compositing is the art of combining various elements created in the animation process to produce a final film. VFX compositing artists create the illusion of reality by merging different elements in the same scene/sequence.

There is huge scope to get ahead in your career as a VFX compositing artist. Animation & film studios around the world require such people to work on their filmmaking teams. The salary too is very good for the right person.

Become a post production expert. Learn to create cool visual effects for TV & films through Arena’s VFX Compositing program.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to apply fundamentals of 3D and compositing to create special effects for TV & video productions
  • Work with latest software like Autodesk, Max, Adobe After Effects & Digital Fusion
  • Assignment based learning
  • Structured learning
  • Expert Faculty Teaching
  • Additional Practice Sessions

First Tab


  • Image magic
  • Modeling with 3D
  • Lights, Camera and Materials
  • Rendering with V- Ray
  • Digital Fx
  • VFX for Films & Tv

Softwares Taught

  • Adobe photoshop extended
  • 3ds Max
  • 3ds max with V-Ray
  • Adobe After Effects Professional
  • Digital Fusion


VFX software free download

full form bahubali list app tutorials course abbreviation Simulation FX Matte painting Compositing See also[edit] Animation Match moving Bluescreen/greenscreen Computer-generated imagery Front projection effect Physical effects, another category of special effects Optics#Visual Rear Special VFX Creative Director Visual Effects Society may be divided into at least four categories: paintings and stills: digital or traditional photographs which serve as background plates for keyed rotoscoped elements. Live-action effects: keying actors models through bluescreening greenscreening.

Digital Animation

Modeling, computer graphics lighting, texturing, rigging, animating, rendering computer-generated 3D characters, particle sets, backgrounds. (commonly shortened to FX) are the various processes by is created and/or manipulated with from photographic assets. often involve integration still photography (CGI) create environments look realistic but would dangerous, costly, impossible capture in camera. usually associated world contrast visual motion film production.